Delray Beach Steam Carpet Cleaning

Many times grout becomes dirty with use, and we can steam clean your tile and grout to prevent mold and mildew from becoming worse.

Be careful if you're trying to clean spots on your carpet that you don't use a product with bleach in it.

Having kids in your home can bring in a lot of dirt on their shoes.

If you've had an inexperienced carpet cleaner who stretched your carpet out of shape, we can clean your carpet and re-stretch it for you.

Call on our experienced carpet and flooring cleaners when you have a big job or a small job.

We can use our steam cleaners on your tile floors to remove pet stains and disinfect them.

If you've ever tried to lug one of those carpet cleaning machines home from the grocery store, you know that's not fun at all.

Having dirty carpets and couches is harmful to not only you, but to your family and pets.

We hope you never have a house fire, but if you do, call us to do water restoration for you. We are a reputable carpet cleaning company with certified, licensed, and insured technicians for not only carpet, but upholstery, grout, and area rug cleaning.

Be sure the bathrooms at your office are cleaned with steam, so let us do that for you.

03/09/17 03:42:19 AM

Bathrooms tend to be humid, and with the use of hairspray and other hair products, your grout will eventually stain.

03/07/17 09:25:59 PM

If your home becomes flooded, we have the equipment to get the water sucked out quickly.

03/06/17 01:55:53 PM

Many restaurants today have carpeting that can become highly soiled by spilled liquids and foods, and we can get that clean for you.

03/05/17 02:25:27 AM

We offer upholstery cleaning, and you can have your area rugs and couches cleaned today.

03/04/17 01:02:06 AM

Since pressure washers are more powerful, they can remove more dirt, grime, and germs on your floors. We do water damage cleanup after fires or floods, so don't try to do it yourself.

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